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Copyright protection applies to a number of categories of work, including artistic, dramatic, literary and musical works and categories of work which approximate to these categories. Among the latter are computer programs, which are given written expression in specialised languages and are therefore protected as "literary works". Copyright can also extend to logos and product packaging.

It is a requirement for the subsistence of copyright that the work must be 'original', which means that the work must be originated by the author, without derivation or copying from a pre-existing work.

Copyright entitles the author to prevent others from copying a work, issuing copies to the public, performing, showing or broadcasting the work in public.

Copyright generally subsists in the author or co-author of the work. However, there are a number of exceptions to this general principle (e.g. the work is made by an employee in the course of employment, in which case the employer is the first owner of any copyright in the work, subject to any agreement to the contrary).

There is no State system of protecting copyright by way of registration similar to patents, designs and trade marks as copyright automatically subsists in a qualified work. If possible the work should be dated by the author and sent by way of registered post to him/herself in order to assist in proof of both title and date of title.

For queries on copyright, including whether copyright subsists in a particular work and the duration of protection or on questions of copyright infringement and related matters it is advisable to contact a patent attorney.

                      induction coil 1836
In 1836, Professor N.Callan invented the induction coil.
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