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Whoever develops a new product, machine or manufacturing process or sees a way to develop one, should consider applying for a patent before making the invention public.

A patent is an exclusive right given by the State or other designated international body such as the European Patent Office and is enforceable in the Courts. It is a monopoly in the manufacture, sale and use of an invention for a limited period. A patent can be sold, licensed or used by the inventor either in whole or in part.

A patent is not a guarantee of commercial success. Any new invention should have an identifiable, sizable market and a possible commercial future. If you have an invention, you should also be willing and able to devote considerable time, effort and resources to develop the invention towards a marketable product.

The first step for a prudent inventor is to consult a patent attorney who will advise generally on the patentability of the invention. If the invention is considered to be of a patentable nature, the patent attorney can file an application or applications on behalf of the inventor in whatever jurisdictions the inventor wishes to protect his/her invention.

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